I can’t believe 2007 is almost over. I remember how optimistically I saw it it. There was something so uplifting about being on the beach at sunrise. I remember writing in the sand and feeling that it was going to be a great year. I don’t seem to be able to nurture the same emotions in cold and dull South London!

Like all years, 2007 has had both elements of good and bad. The first two months were spent travelling, which can only be described as fantastic. I saw so many places and made plenty of amazing new friends. I will always be thankful of that time and of my employers for letting me take that break. Upon my return, although it seemed like a huge culture shock to be back in London, I enjoyed seeing all of my old friends and getting back to the office. I joined the partnership at work in April, which seemed to be a great opportunity. I also seized the online dating scene, for better or for worse….

At the beginning of April I started practicing at AYL, which was definitely a positive step for me. It has helped me focus my practice and make it my own.

The summer is a bit of a blur, perhaps because it wasn’t really a summer to speak of in the UK, I can think of a couple of afternoons spent chilling in the park with friends, but by no way as many as in previous years.

Moving into the Autumn, things became a little less certain. Work certainly hasn’t proved to be the opportunity I expected it to be; the people I work with all have good intentions, but the personality clashes are too much for me. I also started singing again, which has both proved to be incredibly enjoyable but exhausting when combined with an early morning practice and a full working day.

The winter has left me sluggish and in need of hibernation. Not having my sunshine fix has really made a difference. Ending a relationship has made me realise that I need to implement change in my life, rather than cautiously sticking with what I know. Although I resent that I spent 8 months hanging on to a relationship which needed work, but neglecting to do anything about it, I have learned that a relationship can be something constructive, rather than destructive, which was a problem I had encountered in the past.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have done less yoga than I have ever done in a two week period in the last two years. I have had a short session on the mat this morning, and my practice is still feeling fresh and easy. I want to get back to the shala to really enjoy my practice, as I still find that I can’t do that at home. My piriformis isn’t really hurting at all, and even BK today was passable. I find the regime of a daily practice an enjoyable one, but do notice at times like these that giving your body a break can also be advantageous.

Anyway, I suspect I have done enough reflecting for today, and this year, and shall go and prepare myself for an evening of fun and frivolity. I expect tomorrow will start with a hang over… obviously a great way to launch into WOYOPRACMO!