I was feeling so miserable yesterday it seemed like a good idea to escape London and come to Suffolk for Christmas. I have been here for 5 hours now and want to go back. I have never been particuarly keen to come for Christmas here before, I have no friends in the town and on top of that, I have to sleep on the floor in the living room as there is no bed or bedroom for me.

I have reallised today that when I feel down I do not want to be fussed over, I would just rather have some space of my own. However, space of my own is unavailable, it’s either the living room with my mum giving me sympathetic glances every ten seconds, or the dining room with my brother who is being ridiculously hyperactive, for no apparent reason. (He’s 30, just in case you are wondering).

So, since I arrived I have been to the local retail park to get my mothers Christmas present, then walked around the entire town centre (5 minute exercise). There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING else to do. I may go to Cambridge tomorrow to amuse myself, then in the evening I have been invited out for Christmas eve drinks with my brother and his friends – the sympathy vote – great. I hope I will be in a happier mood by Tuesday, otherwise I could go insane. Back to London early Wednesday… or maybe Tuesday???

And, it’s bloomin’ cold here too.