I felt that my practice was spoiled by bad energy today. I know it probably sounds stupid, but I felt as though I was surrounded by too many men. Sorry any guys who are reading this, I do not believe that you should be excluded from the shala!

It seemed to me as though the guys in question were taking things rather too seriously. They both arrived at about the same time, got on their mats and re-arranged their micro-sized shorts (read, had a good grope) before starting. It felt rather as thought they were in competition with each other and that I was the unfortunate filling of their ashtanga sandwich. Which could jump back the most enthusiastically, ujjai the loudest, sweat the most? Today I found it really disturbing, maybe on any other day I wouldn’t even have noticed. I suppose we women respond to the actions/scent of an aggressive male in different ways throughout the month, but today my conscious was being repelled. Ugh.

At work things are busy, which is most unfair. I am sure the run up to Christmas is supposed to involve hanging around the office eating mince pies and listening to Christmas carols. Instead I feel stressy and am eating too many Quality Street. They do not merit their name, there is so much better chocolate out there…