When I got back from travelling in March, I was irritated by how antisocial people were in London. Almost all of my friends are married and many of them have kids, so my social life can sometimes be a bit slow. When a colleague of mine told me he was going to go speed dating, I decided to go along. As it turned out, I didn’t like any of the people there, but I filled in my online profile for the event. The organisers also put the profile on their online dating database, and I got quite a few e mails. I received an e mail from ‘S’, it was pure cheese, but I thought I would drop him a reply. I asked a few questions and when he replied, I decided that he didn’t sound like my kind of bloke, so I left it there. This was 14th March. Shortly afterwards, I changed my profile picture, and received the first cheesy e mail again. At this point I realised that he must have sent the same message to everyone, and was too stupid to realise that I was somebody he had already written to. This confirmed that my choice not to get in touch again was the right one.

Exactly a month later, he e mailed again, saying hello, did I remember him? This happened again every month for 4 months, then another one 2 months after that, and then this week, exactly 9 months later yet another:-


how are you? Hope you still remember me… We have met on the dating site a while back now…(see emails below)…

I’m just writing to see if you are free anytime next week to hook up for that drink sometime? I have loads of time now adays as we finished a project and planing to take some days off… so, I can meet you almost anywhere you like and any weekday anytime…

look forward to hear from you again and more so to see you … have a good weekend… what are you plans over Xmas and New year? Im doing my usual DIY + football coaching and might go to Iceland…


I was interested at the use of the word ‘met’. I e mailed him once! Anyway, I have decided that he must be a pretty desperate chap to still be e mailing me after so long and offering me anywhere I like and any week day, any time!

Anyway, that was a bit off topic, but I haven’t done any yoga this weekend. The weekend has been really nice though. The Christmas party was quite fun, and once I had had a few glasses of wine, drinking seemed like a good idea. On Saturday night I went to two parties, and had a great friend stay over. This afternoon another group of old friends me for lunch, at one point there seemed to be as many kids in the group as adults… how did that happen?!