It was only good luck and a reliable body clock that got me to the shala this morning. I woke up, thought it was probably the middle of the night, couldn’t get back to sleep, wondered curiously what the time was and turned on my phone to see that it was 5.48 – the alarm was set for 5.30. Argh… jump out of bed, run into bathroom, pull on clothes and run out of the door. I managed all of this in 10 minutes, and got to the shala at the usual time.

It was nice and quiet today, I think Christmas parties and hangovers are probably the cause! Nothing interesting or unusual to report about my practice, other than I haven’t cut short at all in the past week or so, which is good. There was a stand in assistant between 7 and 8 this morning, he adjusted me in Mari B. Nobody has ever done a Mari B adjust on me before, but it was nice, he pulled my knee back giving me more space for the forward bend and a good stretch in the grounded hip.

I have signed up for woyopracmo. I am sure this will present a challenge as the shala is closed for the first week of January and I have a short ski-trip booked too. I’ll give it a go though:)