That is what I need right now. I have a case that requires some brain work, and is the reason that I didn’t go to yoga this morning.

I woke up again at 3.50am, but today just didn’t get back to sleep. I ended up missing yoga in order to get a couple more hours of sleep, so that I can get some work cleared which must be done before Christmas. I can’t concentrate when I am tired, so it was a necessity.

So far today, I have done lots of other things, but haven’t managed to get started with the case in question. I have spent the last 20 minutes reading blogs and contemplating whether I need to get a snack before I start. This is merely procrastination; I know once I get into the right headspace I will be able to get on easily.

I am sure somehow practising yoga is supposed to help me get this kind of focus… maybe not going to yoga this morning wasn’t such a good idea after all.

So, now that I have got that off my chest, I am going to knuckle down, do the work then get some food. Wish me luck 😉

1 Chocolate digestive biscuit and 70 minutes of thinking time later, the job is done – hooray!