Wine. Too much, quite possibly. I have been at my first Christmas lunch this afternoon, it was fun but hopefully ended early enough for me to sufficiently rehydrate this evening and feel OK tomorrow morning.

Everything seemed to annoy me at the shala today. I woke up at 3.50 and didn’t really get back to sleep, so when the alarm went off at 5.30, I didn’t really feel ready to get up. I did though – good me :D. Firstly I was annoyed by the fact that I had to start in the finishing area – no biggie usually, but the people who had already started in there had not placed their mats very carefully, leaving me squished in the corner. I then got accosted by someone who wanted to get their bag, as though I had put myself in the corner on purpose to irritate them. Believe me, I would much rather start anywhere else, but there was no space. Then someone else started, but decided to start their practice face to face with me, and I don’t like synchronised swimming style upward dogs when you end up staring at the person next to you. I then re-orientated myself so I vinyasa’d into the window instead. When I did get a spot, I got one at the side, in the narrow section, and in my opinion, in the worst place right next to the little stump thing – it’s about two foot high, and ends up right in your face in every vinyasa. It always has a candle on it; I fear during every vinyasa that I am going to catch my fringe in the candle and burn all of my hair off! Right, sorry about the whine, it must be the wine talking… and none of this will make sense if you haven’t practiced at AYL.

Practice was OK though, nice and warm today. The new outfit was nice and comfortable (well spotted V), although the trousers left a lot of brown fluff on my legs. Poor H really got it from me and my neighbour today, asking questions and being generally disruptive. It’s funny though because G thought he was being noisy today, but I never noticed, despite being only a couple of mats away. I suppose we all focus so much on our own practice, that what goes on in the surrounding area doesn’t really feature!