card for someone else

When I got home today I had received a Christmas card. The envelope had very messy handwriting on it and only bore my address rather than a name. The door number had been written a couple of times over itself so it wasn’t clear whether the last number was a 0, 6 or an 8. Anyway, despite thinking it probably wasn’t for me, I decided to open it. The intended recipients Nine and John should be pleased as the card is for a very special couple and still has the extra value 29p sticker on the front! I didn’t know you could even buy cards for 29p. It made me giggle anyway and wonder who Nine and John might be, and which flat they live in. So, I may try and re-direct the card to the intended recipient…

I have had really nice day today – the yoga class was fun, lots of inversions and things to play around with. It ended up that two of the girls from my TT were there so in the end the four of us went and had lunch at The Electric. I ended up being invited to a party tonight too, which will be fun. My friend A and her husband throw a great party. I am sensibly now preparing a proper dinner to eat before I go out. Too often I go out drinking without eating first and end up with a stupid hangover (e.g. bithday night out). Last time I went to a party at A’s I had far too many tequila slammers and passed out in a taxi on the way to a club at 1am and had to be sent home – all of which I have no recollection of. I will try and drink in moderation tonight!