Sometimes, I think I have a pose breakthrough. A while ago I could suddenly wrist bind all the Marichis, then a little after that I could toe bind both sides in baddha padmasana; this week my breakthrough is Supta K. As evil as it is, it finally seems to have clicked. Today I was actually able to bring my ankles together myself, which is a miracle for a stiff hip person like me. Hopefully this breakthrough will mean that I never need to write about Supta K again. Practice this week has been really nice though, I wish I could rock up at about 9am every day. The shala is quiet, and warm, (although today it really stank of sweat) and I can take my time, perfect. One more day of this on Monday, then it’s back to the 5.30 wake-up call – YAWN.

Other than yoga, I enjoyed today by going shopping for a new jacket and other bits and piece including Charity Christmas Cards. I even picked up a charity bag to put some old clothes in, however I haven’t quite got around to the wardrobe audit that I have been planning all week. I also went out and had a haircut, not at the Polish salon, I hasten to add. Then, I plumbed in the new washing machine. So I can safely say that after 4 days of leisure time I am getting into the swing of it.

As Sunday is a moon day, I am going to go to a class with my old teacher tomorrow – I haven’t seem her in months; it should be nice though as I am going to catch up with a friend who I met on retreat in India last year too. Often going ‘off piste’ and doing a non-ashtanga class leaves me with all sorts of muscle stiffness, a full report will follow on Sunday.