Today, as part of my Christmas shopping expedition, I decided that I really needed to get myself a diary for 2008. I do love gadgets but have not managed to find an electronic organiser that I like enough to replace a good old paper diary. Whilst browsing the many pretty diaries in Peter Jones, I realised that all of them were lacking Moon information. I am sure other ashtangis out there recognise how useful it is to have full and new moons marked in a diary. I for one make a many a decision on appointments and nights out based on whether there is a moon day coming up or not! Anyway, I didn’t find one, so the hunt continues.

I must confess that I did spent about 2.5 hours in the office today. Just long enough to organise things and go through my incoming mail, and drop off the cases I did from home yesterday. Hopefully this will mean that I don’t have to go in again until Tuesday… although I am not certain I will be able to keep myself away on Monday, but we’ll see.

Unfortunately, the shopping didn’t go very well. Usually shopping and I are like strawberries and cream, we just go together, but I felt uninspired today. I managed to find a birthday card for MrH, it had me laughing out loud in the shop, which rarely happens. He probably won’t find it funny, but what the heck… if he does then I know that I have met someone with an equivalent sense of humour to my own.

My practice has been by far the best part of my day so far. Everything flowed nicely and I felt as though I thoroughly deserved my two new postures after all. I arrived at about 8.30 so was able to do my whole practice in the main room and also get some great adjustments. For the first time ever H actually put me into Supta K, it’s only usually the ladies who will take the required effort to pretzel me into position, obviously H knows I can take it now. I have taken recently to sitting on the floor when reading the paper, in an upavista konasana type position. I think this is a good stretch for me; reading the top of the broadsheet usually involves some forward bending and lengthening which I hold for quite some time.

One of my friends seemed puzzled that I would go to yoga on a day off, but why wouldn’t I? Yoga is something I enjoy and wish I had more time for. A slow and unpressurised practice on a day off is just perfect 🙂