This time last year I was just packing up for my three months away. I felt quite depressed today when going through the holiday section of a magazine, remembering my past two Christmases in India. Anyway, I must make the best of being here for a change… embrace the spirit of Christmas. Think I have written that before too. Although I do not begrudge H and the AYL crew their Christmas holiday, I wish the shala wasn’t closed for so long!

So, today is the first day of my week off – I haven’t done much, and I find that quite distressing. I spent quite a lot of the day waiting for my washing machine to arrive, which it did, at about 2.30. Now it is sitting in my dining area, waiting for me to get around to unpacking it. Bloody delivery men asked me when someone was coming to fit it…. just because I am woman doesn’t mean I can’t attach a washing machine to a pipe… honestly

Other than that I have had my eyebrows shaped by the lovely lady in the Polish beauty salon downstairs. I am usually the only English speaker in there, but she knows what I want and it hasn’t gone wrong so far. I then went and had a latte with my graphic designer come yogi come neighbour.

In order to avoid any needless hanging about tomorrow I have arranged to meet a friend for lunch, and another for early evening drinks, in between those, I’ll go to the shala, drop into the office (always a great move on your day off) and do some Xmas shopping. Maybe I could be a lady of leisure after all!