So, it was business as usual this morning, up at 5.30 and off to the shala. I managed to get the early train again, which was fortunate because if I had arrived a minute later, I would have been waiting.

Practice was OK, considering the lack of attendance at the shala in the last fortnight. I confess however that my arms werefeeling a bit weak, and I yawned my way through the seated poses.

On my mind this morning was that my execution of the later poses in primary is more than a little shabby. Supta K was just a bit rubbish, garbha pindasana was a bit rough around the edges as my knee still hurts in lotus, so I have to be quite careful with the vigour in which I roll around, Baddha Konasana wasn’t going too badly, by my standards and I was happily ‘extending forwards’ rather than trying to go downwards to any extent, then R came to adjust me, I hadn’t briefed her on my injury, so rather than stop and explain, I just played the you push me down, I push back up game… not very constructive, I know, and I will let her know next time. During Supta padangustasana, H corrected my had position, and I was getting to the point where I was thinking how I really should try and do these poses more often, rather than let them slip off when I am short of time or worrying about injury, he told me to add two more poses… based on today’s performance it seemed rather like a carrot to actually come back and practice; I certainly don’t feel like I have actually improved!