There was really nothing wrong with practice this morning, other than slightly sore hamstrings. I got up, got on the early train, got to the shala, got a spot in the main room as soon as I arrived, did all my sun salutations, through the standing poses, onto seated, carried on through supta K bound and with ankles crossed, just about pulled off garbha pindasana, even with my sore knee, did a sort of baddha konasana and had a conversation with H about how painful it was, so he didn’t even try and squish, then finished off my poses, did the back bends, then finished off. Why can’t every morning be like this? On the down side, the shala was roasting, and I sweated like a pig, and discovered that my new grey cotton yoga trousers from Casall do not take sweat nicely. By the time I had finished I looked like I had wet myself… not a good look.

Unfortunately, my working day was not so satisfying, this started off with the discovery that the porridge I had bought was horrible golden syrup flavour. Who knew you could buy flavoured porridge?!? It was sickly sweet… surely if you want your porridge to taste of golden syrup, you would just add the stuff yourself? The rest of the day seemed to consists of having silly meetings with other staff members which really didn’t achieve anything. I left the office not having dealt with anything that I wanted to do all day.

This evening, and not for the first time this week, I feel EXHAUSTED. Not quite sure why. After I finish writing, I need to pack up a bag for three days away, two at a conference and one with a friend of mine who has left the madness of London life to live out in the countryside in Wiltshire. I was going to take my laptop so I can work on the train, but annoyingly my new 3G Modem gadget doesn’t seem to be installing, and laptop without Internet is pretty useless for me as I need to log into the office to do anything useful. Maybe I’ll just sleep on the train. It’s only an extra £17 for a first class ticket, so I think I may indulge in one… that is what expenses are for, isn’t it? And at the end of the day, it’s mostly my profit that it eats into!