on Tuesday. I have really missed the shala. I have been stressy and not had a great few days. This may just be circumstantial, but I like to think that life just isn’t the same without my practice. I am a hyped up person anyway, and I think doing my practice calms me, and also tires me enough physically to make me sleep.

Anyway, I feel much better for having had a weekend. I am not really looking forward to working tomorrow, but things must go on. Singing was fun this weekend, enhanced by the lovely fun and sensible people I sing with. There is nothing like a calm mind of a friend to put things into perspective… well, at least if you agree with them!

Annoyingly, my washing machine has started leaking, I am about to open up the back of it and see if it’s something I can fix… if not, I would be much happier if it could wait a couple of months until I get my kitchen done, when it is going to get replaced anyway.