When does the time to listen to an injury come? This morning I felt so frustrated on my mat. I can’t do my practice to my best ability because of the piriformis pain, and now knee pain, which I think is because the pain and stiffness caused by the pirifomis thing limits the outward rotation of my hip and leg, so when I try to lotus, my knee starts to give instead. Now the piriformis even hurts jumping forward from downward dog, as well as in most foward bends, and anything which involves lotus or half lotus, Mari D, baddha konasana, bhuja pidansana, supta kurmansana blah blah blah. I will probably struggle on for the next week, but am seriously thinking of dropping ashtanga in December and doing something more Yin (shock horror!) and some gym style cardio to keep up the flexility without the strain, at least until it stops hurting, then start from a clean slate again. I don’t want to do it, but think maybe it’s time.

On the up-side, the shala was very quiet this morning – H seemed to be convinced it was directly related to the “No Sleeping” notice!