This week has been a bit rehearsal heavy and will continue to be through till the end of the weekend. At the moment I am singing in two choirs, both with upcoming concerts. This weekend I am singing in two concerts with the London Symphony Chorus at Barbican. The LSC usually have 116 people on stage, when at the Barbican anyway, and I am one of 37 sopranos. The other choir I am in is a small choir of about 20 people, we have a charity concert on Sat 23rd Nov.

So, yesterday was another long day, up for yoga, then work then a three hour rehearsal at Liverpool Street, followed by an hour long trek across London to get home. This morning I struggled to get out of bed after 6 hours sleep (yes, I know it’s not that bad!) but ended up waiting for 40 minutes at the shala before a space became available. I am advised that some yogis might have been dozing in Savasana, and hence slowed up the process rather! Anyway, it felt like a good practice, what I did of it anyway; all of standing followed by seated through to Janu A, then Mari C, Navasana for good measure then sprint out of the door. Short and sweet. I have a day of leave booked for tomorrow and am undecided as to whether to go to the shala or not.

Work today is too busy and my ‘these things require thinking about‘ pile is far too large. So, on that note, I best get back to it.