Yesterday would have been the perfect Sunday to test out the ‘leave the boyf sleeping and go to yoga’ hypothesis. I was awake at 7am, the jetlagged MrH woke up at about 1! Sadly I didn’t have yoga kit with me, although I would have had time to go home, pick it up, do yoga, go back, clean my flat…. no just kidding, but I did have plenty of time!

Practice was a bit stiff today, on Saturday I went to the gym, I want to tone my legs a bit more, I don’t think ashtanga really does this. My friends think I am mad.. but obviously I am an exercise junkie, and there is no changing me. And back to today, yes, I was stiff, but managed my whole practice.

I had to wait again this morning, not looking forward to tomorrow in that respect as Tuesdays are always busier than Monday… I had someone queue jump in front of me today too – grrr.