and finding them….

I was awake before my alarm this morning, but for some reason had that ‘I must have missed the alarm already and be running late’ feeling. After a bit of contemplating, the alarm did go off. I got up, wondered if I was too tired for yoga, answer was ‘yes, I am too tired’. This doesn’t normally stop me from going though. So, I got up, looked at the internet, saw that the train service was disrupted, ‘another reason not to go’, then contemplated that I did go to the shala on Sunday, then my conscience told me that ‘Friday is moonday’, then I tried a quick lotus, and found my knee was still hurting, then decided that ‘rest was the key’ and went back to bed.

Once in bed, I lay thinking, I should have gone, I am not going to get back to sleep, I can’t go now though because I will be late….

So, all in all, not a very good morning where yoga was concerned.

Last night I forgot I was never drinking again and had half a peroni. This morning I felt bloated and dehydrated… must remember that and never drink again!