This has been my day:

Alarm 5.30, out of bed 5.40, bus at 6.00, shala at 6.45, work at 9.00 work through till 6.00, train to rehearsal, sing for 2.5 hours, 9.15 trek home across London, 10.15 get home, breathe, eat Ryvita….

Shortly I will go to bed, and then repeat tomorrow and Wednesday. I love my singing, but it’s hard to do yoga, work and singing in one day! I should already be in bed asleep, but I can’t just walk in through the door and jump into bed, I need to wind down just a little bit.

Practice was nice yesterday, there is a totally different energy on a Sunday. It lacks that drive that you get in the week, where everyone is in a hurry. Mostly this is a good thing, and I enjoyed a leisurely practice followed by coffee with V and two other yogis. Unfortunelty, when I was doing the finished sequence yesterday, I crunched something in my knee when going into lotus. It didn’t concern me at all, but it felt stiff this morning, and wouldn’t oblige in lotus. Bah, there are no indications that it is the cruciate, so hopefully it will disappear as quickly as it began.