Perhaps I am getting a bit post happy, but it’s my birthday and I want to, so nerrrr.

I was going to go to a class this evening, but then decided to practice on my own at home. Sometimes you are your own best teacher anyway, why be limited by how someone else wants you to do something? So, I have just enjoyed a couple of hours of slow indulgent practice, holding each pose for longer than I needed and contemplating every muscle stretch and twinge. Wonderful. What better way to spend your birthday evening – and I really mean that…. does that make me a totally addicted yogi?

I also enjoyed that bit of extra flexibility that comes with practicing in the evening. Head to shin in the first SNA, wrist binds in all of the Marichis. I did miss having someone squish me into supta K, but even there I managed to get my fingers touching – which is great 😀

As photographs seem to be a current theme, I decided to take a picture of my backbend. I feel like my tightness is in the shoulders, but like YC, the photographic evidence looks more like hip flexors. I wonder how upper and lower body proportions effect that? The backbend has definitely improved since June though, or perhaps it was just a bendy day?

Urdva D Nov