David Swenson is doing two Mysore style mornings at Triyoga in December. I am curious to see him at work. I did an inversions workshop with him last year, but he didn’t really adjust. However, one Mysore lesson seems to be £30…. which seems a bit of a rip-off to me; knowing Triyoga, they will fill the studio to the brim and you will be lucky to get even one adjustment. Hmm?

Anyway I am feeling fat and lazy but think I am going to break the ashtanga law tonight and do a class even though it is ladies holiday… well, It’s my birthday and I want to, so who cares!?! I was going to go to Triyoga, but I now have a large bunch of birthday flowers to take with me, so think I’ll have to go home first and do a local class… not that I am not happy to have received the flowers 🙂 Thanks MrH!