It seems that many a London Ashtangi used this weekends clock changing to motivate themselves to get up earlier than usual today, so when I arrived at the shala at 6.45 it was totally full, and you know how much I HATE waiting!

Apart from a temporary choking fit during sun sals, my practice was really nice, just a shame I didn’t have time to finish it! How will I ever get any new poses if I never get to the end of my practice…. OK, OK, I could get up earlier… or those damn clock change Ashtangis could start sleeping a bit later 😉

I’m taking the morning off tomorrow so can practice at my leisure.

Aside from yoga, I have decided that I need to TRY and do two cardio sessions per week, aim at the moment is Tuesday or Wednesday evening and Sunday… not unattainable by any means. Although I am thinner (by tape measure) than I was pre- morning Mysore, I feel flabbier from the waist downwards. If only Ashtanga would tone the legs and stomach like it does the arms *sigh*.