I gave up at supta K today. Pirifomis pain in bhuja pidasana was bad, so after a messy attempt I thought about supta K, then decided against it. It felt like a short practice as a result. H asked me if I was OK; my quitting was noticed then. Seems that I may need two days of recuperation from yoga over the weekend, rather than the one I had this weekend.

I have yoga mat paranoia now, I am really worried that it smells. I may get a new mat for my birthday, so I am holding off buying a new one. Problem is, I can’t wash and dry it overnight, so I will have to use my spare mat tomorrow, and it has very poor grip. I suppose I shall be sliding around.

My work day was long and demanding and rounded off with problems with our office alarm system.

Just want to go to bed now… and I might well.