Fridays shala practice didn’t end up happening due to problems on the tube, and because I didn’t actually have to get into town I decided to practice at home instead. I am not as disciplined with my practice outside the shala so threw in lots of fun things too like pinch mayurasana and handstands.

Yesterday I decided to finally finish the introduction to my thesis, written in May, and hand it into my old teacher. As seems to be commonplace at the moment, she wasn’t actually there, but a friend of mine was teaching instead. Another friend from TT, who now practices with H too, also came along, so we had a nice lunch together afterwards and caught up.

Today, after two days of non-ashtanga yoga, I feel quite stiff. Yesterdays class incorporated quite a lot of backbending; shalabasaba, dhanurasana, ustrasana and as a result my back is quite stiff. Although that wasn’t such a bad thing as MrH gave me a proper back-massage this morning; I obviously complained enough 😉

Back to the shala tomorrow, early.