Today has been another of those long days where it seems like a lifetime since I was in the shala. Today was no fun either as half of it was spent in really quite unproductive meetings – well. not totally unproductive, but certianly no more productive by virtue of me being there. I am taking tomorrow off though so I can have a leisurely start to the morning and go to practice later on. Earlier this week it has been really busy at around 8, but hopefully it won’t be tomorrow, being a Friday.

It was really cold this morning, so it was nice to arrive in the warmth of the shala, even if it took the first 5 sun sals for my hands and feet to warm up! Nothing mind blowing to report about my practice. I seem to be getting a bit deeper in supta K now, by virtue of better forward bends.

One thing that has wound me up this week is the press coverage of obesity in the UK. The assertion that in 25 years time 50 percent of people will be obese is absurd, and the urge to push the responsibility on to food manuracturers and even the government, rather than the individual is also crazy.
This headline on the BBC website was one example:

“Obesity ‘not individuals’ fault’

Energy-dense, cheap food is partly to blame, the report says
Individuals can no longer be held responsible for obesity and government must act to stop Britain “sleepwalking” into a crisis, a report has concluded.”

Surely, as long as we have ‘choice’ our weight is in our own hands. We could all go and eat at McDonalds every day if we chose to, but most of us don’t. A little more education to make it clear what is good and bad for you may be needed, but surely the majority already understand that a balanced diet and some exercise will keep your weight under control?! Don’t they??