It was very humid in the shala today, my glasses steamed up in the porch of the shala before I went into the main area. Not a good sign for a sweaty cow like me!

Everything seems to be going OK at the moment, other than some marginal stiffness in the hamstrings and some piriformis pain. The piriformis often hurts quite a lot coming out of Baddha Konasana, but the pain subsides pretty quickly now. Just as my practice was feeling like it was taking an awfully long time this morning and I was about to start my backbends, H told me to add the next pose…. and make the practice a little longer still! I’m going to have get up another 10 minutes earlier at this rate! Next he’ll be asking me to do dropbacks – URGH.

Seriously, I am pleased though, it is nice to make progress. 🙂