I had a chat with my teacher after practice today; he has been away for a couple of weeks and was asking how I was etc, the usual kind of friendly chat. It got me thinking about the fact that I write down how I am feeling here on my blog every day. My yogic movements can be tracked for about a year and a half, just from the click of a link. It’s all rather strange. I was wondering if I was a teacher and I found the blog of one of my students, if I would read it? Don’t get me wrong, I do write this in the knowledge that people ‘out there’ read it, but I don’t imagine my teacher reading it (or my mum either – ‘Hi Mum’ if you are out there). If he were reading, he might stumble across comments about his adjustments, or the way he runs the shala. If it were me, would I want to know? I suspect I would; it would be car-crash reading, like finding your siblings diary!

I didn’t really feel like writing today, it has been one of those long days where the working day seems to fill such a huge part of my conscious mind that the relatively serene time in the shala in the morning feels a world away. Anyway, practice was fine, although as predicted I felt a bit stiff in the hamstrings. I expect it will be worse tomorrow. I am really happy with my morning schedule now, up at 5.40, bus at 6, then start practice at 6.45. I almost always avoid the busy time, and I get to work before 9 with a little time for breakfast. Life is sweet.

p.s. I didn’t try the earmuffins… maybe tomorrow!