…. of feeling sick and tired. The cold symptoms are metamorphosing – it started off with a scratchy throat, headache and runny nose, now I have proper sore throat and am a bit congested. Great. I want to be better for the weekend, and I will be cross if I am not!!! Ah well, at least it is Friday tomorrow. Having said that, I have quite a few things that might kick off tomorrow, so it may be a busy one.

I was happy to meet Vanessa for lunch today; once I had actually dragged myself away from my desk and out of the office, I realised that it was in fact quite a nice day. Strangely my office seems to have its own refrigerating properties which made me believe that it would also be icy cold outside too. As V mentions, we discussed holidays, including how every holiday really needs to have yoga incorporated into it! I might see if I can escape to Goa for a week in December and head to Vagator where Rolf and Marci are teaching… well, I can dream anyway!

When I got home this evening, I had a letter asking me to contact the police about an assault which occurred near to my car. I am supposed to go out to check if it has been damaged in any way. I don’t really want to go down and look… it’s dark out, and 7 floors down… yes, yes, call me lazy. Not very nice in any event đŸ˜¦

As this post is full of random information, I will have a moan about Manuka yoga clothing. I popped into my local TK Maxx, which is generally a waste of space but sometimes has good sports clothing. I found a nice vest top and trouser combo by Manuka; the bottoms were too big, ok not their fault, just unfortunate that they didn’t have a size small, but the vest top which did fit generally, had an annoying built in bra which would only accommodate a AA cup. Wah, not all yogis are flat chested. Looking at the model in their picture, I am wondering how she fitted into the top??

My lap top is bugging me at the moment, it decides to indescriminately not access web sites, telling me that I am not connected to the Internet, when I clearly am… grrr. Yesterday I resorted to opening a VPN to my office server and surfing through that.

Not much yoga to talk about today, being moonday. Sorry!