Ai Ai Ai, my muscles hurt today. Every upward dog made my poor sore stomach muscles cry out. My arms were pretty stiff and weak too. As D said, that’ll teach you for going on a trapeze!

Practice wasn’t altogether awful, just rather uncomfortable! I nearly packed it in at Navasana again, partly because Mrs sticky mat arrived again, this time she was separated from me by one person, so although I could smell her, it was somewhat removed. As it happened, she didn’t stay for long anyway, so I got to finish my practice without the stench! Backbends were a JOKE. Stiff arm and stomach muscles = rubbish backbends.

I had a cleaner start at my flat yesterday. Despite my initial reservations about paying someone clean up after me, I have to say I was really pleased with the results. She did all my ironing too, including ironing my yoga trousers and picking off all the bits of yoga mat stuck to them! I don’t care about my appearance that much normally; this is all about being a non-attached yogi 😉