No yoga to speak of, first ladies holiday, and now a horrible cold. Hopefully I will make it to the shala tomorrow, but if I feel like I have today, then maybe no 😦

What I did do this weekend was go on a circus skills workshop for a friends 30th Birthday at The Circus Space. It was brilliant fun, especially the flying trapeze. It is actually much harder than it looks, you need to pike at both ends of the swing in order to keep the momentum going. I thought my bandhas might help here, but my upper stomach muscles are hurting today. My shoulders are a bit stiff, but I think all of the vinyasas I do every day did help out here. The birthday girl says she can hardly move today, so I suppose I got off lightly! We did a pretty rudimentary warmup of a bit of running around then some squats, however when we were asked to do a forward bend – prasarita padatonasana, effectively, I got my head straight to the floor, which I can’t usually do after sun-sals; which was interesting.

Backbending trapeze style