During practice today, my sciatic pain was really quite uncomfortable, as I proceeded through the seated postures, which seemed to be getting progressively more painful, I contemplated whether I would stop at Navasana, or carry on. Bhuja Pindasana is the first posture which is very uncomfortable if I am not really careful.

However, just as I got to Navasana a girl took up the position next to me, and god, I have never smelled such a disgusting mat in my life. I have contemplated naming and shaming, although I am sure only people I know from AYL read this, but I won’t for the sake of this person. In case you are reading this and you think it might be you, you have a green mat and you were wearing a very distinctive outfit! Anyway, I digress…. my point was, that the smell was so awful that I packed in there and then rather than have to suffer any longer.

So, the moral of this story is – keep your mat clean please!