October 2007

Having a large glass of wine with lunch is not a good idea when you are a yogi lightweight. It was a very cathartic lunch, but a phone call from a client as soon as I got back to my desk was not so pleasurable.

Normally I wouldn’t drink at lunch time, but sometime during good ol’ ladies holiday it is nice to misbehave a little…. possibly as a result of the black mood I tend to be in!

So, no more yoga for me this week, boo…. I might try and go to the shala on Sunday though; that would be a first! On the plus side, I can justify a birthday lie in tomorrow 😀


It is 17.25, it is dark outside. All of my colleagues have gone home. I still have piles of work to do and I was supposed to be on leave today. 😦

It seems that many a London Ashtangi used this weekends clock changing to motivate themselves to get up earlier than usual today, so when I arrived at the shala at 6.45 it was totally full, and you know how much I HATE waiting!

Apart from a temporary choking fit during sun sals, my practice was really nice, just a shame I didn’t have time to finish it! How will I ever get any new poses if I never get to the end of my practice…. OK, OK, I could get up earlier… or those damn clock change Ashtangis could start sleeping a bit later 😉

I’m taking the morning off tomorrow so can practice at my leisure.

Aside from yoga, I have decided that I need to TRY and do two cardio sessions per week, aim at the moment is Tuesday or Wednesday evening and Sunday… not unattainable by any means. Although I am thinner (by tape measure) than I was pre- morning Mysore, I feel flabbier from the waist downwards. If only Ashtanga would tone the legs and stomach like it does the arms *sigh*.

I absolutley LOVE music, so though I would join in on the music meme.

From My Zen Touch (10 of 3045 tracks)
1. Babarabtiri – Gypsymen
2. Unwell – Matchbox Twenty
3. Kissing You – Des’ree (from soundtrack to Romeo and Juliet)
4. To the Moon and Back – Savage Garden
5. Hey Foxymophandlemama – Pearl Jam
6. Exactly Like Me – Bran Van 3000
7. American Dream – Jakatta
8. Jet Lag – Joss Stone
9. Junk of the Heart – The Cardigans
10. Kiss you Dreams – Moisture Control (from the bar grooves compilation CD).

This has most of my ‘pop’ music on it. I rarely listen to classical on devices with headphones as the change in dynamics can make it annoying to listen to

From my Zen Stone:
1. Maneater – Nelly Furtado
2. Not Falling Apart – Maroon 5
3. Bandits – Midlake
4. A Hundred Challenging Things a Boy Can Do – Darren Hayes
5. Conversations with my 13 Year old Self – Pink
6. Saw your face in a magazine – Nelly Furtado
7. If Only – KT Tunstall
8. Take Me Back to your House- Basement Jaxx
9. America – Razorlight
10. Samba Magic – Basement Jaxx

This is the stuff I like to listen to when I am on the move at the moment.

The rest of the time, I stream stuff, I often choose things at random to see if I like it. It’s always good to find new artists.

Clocks changed today – an extra hour in bed – Hooray 🙂

It’s moonday – hooray…. but I am in work hell, with no obvious respite this evening or over the weekend. Boo.

As there is not yoga to write about, today’s fun is the searches which found my blog in the last two days:

no neck ashtangis
flying trapeze
stiff, tired, scratchy throat, headache

And to think that my blog covers all of these subjects 😉 And yes, I am a no neck ashtangi!

…. but now it’s late and even the forthcoming moonday and lie in don’t seem like a good reason to stay up much longer and write all down all of my thoughts down.

My day was as busy as I anticipated and my practice was as unfulfilling as I had expected. Bhuja pidasana caused the pain which feels like my hips being torn apart, so I stopped there. Time to take a couple of days rest and hope things will be better next week.

I am super busy today and will be for the rest of the week if the pile of stuff on my desk is anything to go by.

Practice was OK to the extent that I managed to do all of it. I had to wait at 6.45 this morning though… not good.

I will possibly have a late night and a late meal tonight, so will be tired tomorrow; at least Friday is moonday! I am trying not to be one of those devout Ashtangis who sacrifices a social life for yoga….. (mostly I don’t succeed at this and go to bed by 10pm!).

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