I almost didn’t go to the shala this morning; I think if tomorrow weren’t moon day, then I would probably have gone back to bed as I didn’t feel that great. Anyway, I did drag myself out of the house and had a rather nice practice. I managed to wrist bind in Mari D on both sides today, something I haven’t managed unassisted before. Binding Supta K was also easier. I don’t know if it is because I didn’t have any dinner last night, or if my arms are getting longer 😉 I can also bind baddha padmasana every day now. Oh, and H got my hands to the floor both in both wrist rotations in Prasarita Padattonasana C.

No appreciable improvement in Baddha Konasana though, I rather seize up doing it now, possibly a self preservation move. H pushes me down, I push back!

Lie in tomorrow – wahey! I bet I wake up at 5.30 anyway….