Today I really noticed that the mornings are getting darker. It was pitch black when I got up and the sun was just beginning to rise when I left home. This is a real test for me as I haven’t yet had to get up and go to yoga in the dark. In the summer time it seemed like a very inconceivable idea, but thus far it isn’t so bad. I am deeply asleep when the alarm goes off though.

The shala was very quiet this morning, more so than usual. A real peacefulness, even the sound of breathing was hushed. It was nice; I like to start my practice like this, taking my time to get ready and not having to worry about whether I will find a space to put down my mat.

Over the last few days I have been really busy at work and at play, leaving no time for blogging. I had a really nice night out with some of my old ‘evening yoga’ friends. Unfortunately we stayed out until midnight, which wasn’t great for my practice on Friday.

Practice has been quite nice though. When I am as tired out as I feel at the moment I really have no expectations of what will happen. Backbending has been good for the last week, and so has practising through to baddha konasana. H gave me a gentle downward squish today, which didn’t hurt, but I am VERY aware of how easily the piriformis could just go again.