Spain was fun, but I forget what a pain it is being vegetarian in Spain. Mixed salad (without tuna please), Omelette and Gazpacho being my staple diet for the weekend. One waiter found it hysterical that he didn’t have any of the vegetarian options left on the menu and that there wasn’t anything I could eat other than Gazpacho Soup. ‘Eggs… with ham, no; beans…. with bacon, no; salad… with tuna, no’ he cried over the table at me in Spanish, very amused at himself. My friend thought he was probably drunk. It is strange how cultural differences manifest though.

I was comparing my vegetarianism to trying not to eat chocolate yesterday. Although I love the taste of salami, I would never eat it, but when I say to myself that I will stop eating chocolate, when I really want some, I can’t stop myself. That says something about my will power!

I have also been suffering from food complacency at home; Tesco have stopped selling the marinated tofu that I so love, and the Sainsbury by work has stopped stocking Quorn chicken in favour of Quorn mince, and Quorn mince just won’t work in Sandwiches! It is a dilemma where to get my protein from sometimes, especially as I am trying to avoid too much cheese.