This post is not only about yoga, but I am still wound up so I shall write here.

A couple of weeks ago a client approached our firm about a piece of work they wanted done. I was appointed the project and was the lead contact with the client, carried out the investigative work and sent a report. A male colleague of mine found out that I had done it, said he liked what I had done, but dropped an e mail to the client anyway offering his services also if required (I find this annoying, but he is a work vulture, so I am used to it). Today, the client e mailed my colleague asking to arrange a conference call to discuss. Said colleague knows nothing about the project so I reply, offering my availability to discuss. Client then e mails colleague to confirm.

Subsequently call into the conference call, call doesn’t start until colleague arrives on the call, subsequently all of the questions are fielded to my colleague despite the fact that he doesn’t know the answers and defers to me. It isn’t until 25 minutes into the call that the client even acknowledges that I am on the call. ARGHHHHH SOOO FRUSTRATING. Is it just because I am a woman???

As for yoga, I did make it to the shala despite Metronets attempts to make things difficult. I actually just took the same bus as usual, but all the way to the shala, rather than get onto the tube at Hammersmith. It seems to take about the same amount of time, so I may try bussing it in future. My practice was OK, seem to be over the worst of the sciatic pain, but still stopping at Supta K for now, partly because I fail to understand the point of Garbha P, and because Supta K is still rubbish…. not that not doing Garbha P will improve that! Next week, Garbha P back in, I promise.