September 2007

I had a good practice this morning, although I was very very hot; I would be interested to assess temperature and humidity levels in the shala on a daily basis (does this make me a geek!?!).

Despite the continuing sciatic pain, H squished me right down onto the floor this morning in Baddha K, then gave me the next two poses. It’s funny how even when you know how to do a posture, actually doing it for the first time in a new environment feels a bit odd; doing Upavistha and Supta Konasana with people in close proximity either side of you is interesting.

Another problem I have encountered this week is with my nails. Now that I can do a slightly better bind in Supta K, I am finding my fingernails are really digging into my hands, I drew blood yesterday :-S The interlocking fingertip bind was less painful!


It was hot but not sweaty in the shala today. I was sooo cold when I arrived. There was no H&C line today so I had to take the bus, which was just freezing. Probably for this reason, my practice was generally stiff. Not totally awful, but nothing special either. Managed BK again, although H seems to be getting more ferocious with his squishing. Sciatic pain is back, but not totally debilitating, so I’ll just stick with it for now.

Last night I went out at 8pm, had a dosa and a large Cobra, went to bed at 11pm then got up this morning at 7.30am….. so, this is what life was like before going to bed early and getting up in the dark… the downside, I suppose, was travelling into work with 1000’s of other commuters!

Note to self: remember to re-set alarm clock for tomorrow morning.

I almost didn’t go to the shala this morning; I think if tomorrow weren’t moon day, then I would probably have gone back to bed as I didn’t feel that great. Anyway, I did drag myself out of the house and had a rather nice practice. I managed to wrist bind in Mari D on both sides today, something I haven’t managed unassisted before. Binding Supta K was also easier. I don’t know if it is because I didn’t have any dinner last night, or if my arms are getting longer 😉 I can also bind baddha padmasana every day now. Oh, and H got my hands to the floor both in both wrist rotations in Prasarita Padattonasana C.

No appreciable improvement in Baddha Konasana though, I rather seize up doing it now, possibly a self preservation move. H pushes me down, I push back!

Lie in tomorrow – wahey! I bet I wake up at 5.30 anyway….

My urge to blog seems to be reducing. I really don’t feel like I have a lot to say; or the things that I do feel like saying, I don’t want to broadcast to the whole world (my small readership!).

Practice today was not that great. I felt tired, cold and generally inflexible and my mind was wandering to all sorts of places. I have been trying to sit in baddha konasana at my desk because everything seems to be seizing up around my hips.

I’m looking forward to the forthcoming moonday already – is that a bad thing?

It’s hard getting up in the dark; despite actually being in bed for 8 hours last night, It took me 6 minutes to get out of bed this morning. They also seem to have changed the train timetable so the usual train doesn’t seem to be leaving at the usual time any more!

Practice was stiff. Everything from the waist downwards feels like it needs a good stretch. The piriformis pain is back, so I have knocked off Baddha Konasana again – wah… so tiresome.

So, after five days, Baddha Konasana is hurting again – boo…. not too badly, but enough to be annoying. I am making friends with Garbha Pindasana though, even though I do find it strange and rather unnecessary. I have possibly been enjoying it more for the last couple of days because our new adjuster seems to be quite forceful and has got me into Supta K, so I feel that I can actually justify the subsequent poses.

It was reasonably quiet again today, which I can’t complain about, and again I moved into V’s spot after she had finished – nicely warmed up, thanks V.

I was considering non-attachment today. The primary school I went to has recently been closed down and is shortly to be demolished to make room for new flats. The school has been moved about 250m away to a new plot, right by the playing fields, and is probably much nicer than the old school. A handful of my school friends are getting quite upset about it and are petitioning to the council not to knock it down. But why? I can’t say I am that attached to it. I quite liked being at school there, but it doesn’t mean anything to me now. What would they do with it if they didn’t demolish it, now that there is a nice new replacement school around the corner? I just don’t understand.

Anther thing I don’t understand is why people from school who didn’t deign to talk to me 20 years ago want to be my friend on facebook now? Most odd; if I wasn’t cool enough then, do you really think I am now?

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