It was nice to be back at the shala today; it wasn’t that busy which surprised me considering it has been closed for a few days. My practice was OK, but was having a bit of a shaky day and my muscles didn’t really feel very energised. I have been feeling a bit ropey this afternoon, so hope I am not coming down with something (more severe than a dislike of work!). To mark my attendance at the shala, my nails have little flecks of yellow paint on them, it seems to transfer onto my nail varnish very easily if I brush the wall!

I added Bhuja P and Supta K back into my practice today without any pain issues, so I am pleased that I seem to be well and truly on the mend. I didn’t do any yoga at all whilst the shala was closed, I just went running. Supta K was pretty awful, I’ll work with that for the next few days then consider added Garba P and Baddha K back in too.

Something that has been bothering me since last week is my vegetarianism. I went to a meal last Thursday and the host was pre-warned that I was vegetarian. She prepared a nice meal that nobody seemed to object to. MrH mentioned over the weekend that the host had complained about preparing a vegetarian meal a number of times the following day. Whilst part of me thinks that she is the one with the problem and she should be more grown-up about it, I do feel uncomfortable. I could eat meat for one evening and on the grand scheme of things, nothing would change. As I have discussed a couple of times in this blog before, I was advised by a yoga teacher that you would be better to eat a bit of meat than to hurt your hosts feelings, but how does this relate to a host who has been pre-advised but wants to make a fuss about it anyway? Should I keep quiet and just eat up; would that be a more mature approach from me; is making someone prepare a special meal for me selfish?