So, for the last few days yoga hasn’t happened. As predicted, I ended up getting home late on Thursday and didn’t get to bed till 1am. I woke up in time for yoga but had already taken my mat from the Shala and left it in the office, so didn’t go. Yesterday I discovered that a friend of MrH used to be an astangi, so we messed around a bit in the park and did some drop backs and handstands which was fun. Today I have spent more time in the park, but not doing yoga.

Due to a colleagues illness/inactivity, I will have to go to work tomorrow to finish of some things that have Monday as a deadline; I will take Tuesday off in lieu, so it’s not so awful, and as the shala is closed until Wednesday I can do that without having to make the trip into town and coming home again. I’ll try and do a little self practice tomorrow morning though.