Oooh, yoga mum is on the wordpress front page today – I bet that does wonders for the stat counters 😉

Practice was fine this morning, another wait, but worth it for what was a good practice. Had to skip out a few SNB as time was short, but I felt quite warm anyway, so it didn’t seem a problem.

Prasarita Padatonasana C
suddenly seems to be getting better, and my hands can be forced to the floor with palms both inward and outward. My back bends are getting better although they are still preceded by a degree of apprehension, they seem to actually involve my back doing some bending, or maybe it’s more shoulder opening;anyway, they feel quite good. Also managed to bind both toes in baddha padmasana for the first time in the morning. Progress indeed 😀

Yesterday’s prom was pretty fab – 5 rounds of applause in the end; I’m pleased to have it out of the way though so I can get some more sleep.

I’m off to a party tonight accompanying the man-friend, so not sure if I will make it to the shala tomorrow :-S. I don’t want to be rushing off too early at my first social engagement with his work people; I guess I’ll play it by ear when I get there. A nice long weekend coming up though, and next week I’m hoping to add the rest of my poses again – fingers and toes and everything else crossed.