I am hoping that after next weeks longweekend/moonday break, I will be ok to go past navasana again. The buttock is feeling quite a bit better this week so I am hoping it is on the mend. I tried Bhuja P at the weekend but it hurt a lot, I am hoping another week of rest will do the trick.

This morning was really busy at the shala, half an hour wait before 7!!! Not so good on a day when I need to leave work early for a rehearsal… oh well, no lunch break for me then.

Yesterday was a hectic day with another 2.5 hour rehearsal for that same 4.5 minutes of music…. gah, talk about losing the will to live. The concert is tomorrow night, then singing is out of the way for a little while. Whilst I love it, it really does make for a long day doing yoga then work then choir and finally getting home about 2 minutes before bedtime.