Ok, so I was being a bit of a drama queen yesterday, but if I can’t be a drama queen on my blog, I don’t know where I can be.

Practice today was better, it seemed to be warmer in the shala this morning, I was sweating again despite the fact that I was trying not to exert myself too much. I was being very gentle on myself and trying to enjoy stretching into the stiff areas, but working slowly to avoid the pain. I looked back at my blog entries from earlier this year when I was having the same pain issues; I only wrote about it for a week, so I suppose it must have healed itself quickly. What I need now is a little patience.

H made me laugh today, when he swooped past me in virabhidrasana A, he squared my hips, then looked again, moved my head, then looked again and unlocked my thumbs (yes I cheat…) then said ‘hmm, that’s better’. It seemed funny that what is technically quite an easy posture to get into can go so wrong!

I love my practice really, and am not ready to give up on it yet 🙂