Practice today was nothing but awful. My entire body has seized up. I could hardly forward bend in my surya namaskar. And, as well as hurting from the sciatic pain, my whole buttock now feels incredibly stiff. I can barely stand up from ardha baddha padma padangustasana on my first leg, and hardly get into it on the second side. Purvottanasana hurts, as does the second side of all of the janus, as well as mari B and D. Back-bending was appalling because my spine was so stiff and my shoulders weren’t open and lotus was particularly hard to get in to. In fact I was dreading back bends as soon as I got to the seated postures.

Most of my practice I thought about giving up, not just for the day, but forever. Well, maybe until things stop hurting. Should I keep at it, or rest up for a while? A difficult question. Is it just my state of mind that is making me want to give up, because despite coming back to my mat everyday, my practice is getting more difficult, or is it a genuine plea from my body to rest?