I had a nice practice this morning, I enjoy Fridays. I finished at Navasana today so it seemed to whizz past quite quickly!

I spoke to H about the pain in my buttock and he also said it was the piriformis going into spasm. He said it usually occurred when a person is very open in one direction…. gosh, I wouldn’t have ever used that expression to describe the external rotation of my hips, but whatever. Perhaps the rotation is possible, but the muscles still don’t allow! He agreed with me that I should lay off doing the stuff that hurts until it gets better. He was very positive in saying that it would get better. Suggested ways to overcome it were concentrating on lengthening forward in baddha K and engaging the muscles in the stomach and front of the hips (difficult apparently!) and wiggling the toes if it starts hurting as this usually releases the piriformis!!

So, I left feeling a bit happier today. Hopefully by Monday it will be much better and I can start with a clean slate!