When I was on holiday last week, I read Malcolm Gladwell’s, Blink. The point made in Blink is that most of the time, your subconscious can make a the right decision almost instantly . If you think about something, your conscious clouds that decision and leads you to make mistakes.

This morning at practice I was pretty much uncomfortable from start to finish. I decided, rationally, to practice to Navasana, then stop as I know that the subsequent asanas aggravate the discomfort from my sciatic nerve. But, as I got to Navasana, I thought, what the heck, do Bhuja P anyway. Owwww, it hurt. After my half vinyasa, I sat and contemplated Supta K. NO, my body was not going to go there; but my ego was saying, you can do this, try it, come on, just do it. In the end I stopped practicing there, but felt cheated and upset that I couldn’t finish my practice. I don’t like it when my ego makes me behave in this way; basically I am totally attached to how far I can go; where I stop; that stopping ‘early’ is in some way a negative thing. It’s not. It should be about respecting my bodies needs; which in the end I did. So, a lesson learned through yoga today. A lesson in non-attachment.

As a result, the pain is really subsiding this evening, so hopefully tomorrows practice will be more comfortable, and I will be closer to a solution to the problem.