I started practice next to V this morning, I observe (from my fuzzy round the edges viewpoint) that her legs seem to fit behind her head well! Mine don’t.

My practice this morning started off unfocused, I have not idea how many surya namaskar I did, I just lost count. Generally my practice was a bit iffy. The pain in my buttock was with me from the start of the practice, so pretty much every forward bend, whether standing or seated was uncomfortable. Getting into Lotus was also a problem and garbha pindasana was rubbish on this account; I hardly managed to stay on my mat for it… watch out, run away embryo rolling around the shala!! Subsequent to my baddha konasana squish I was hardly able stand up and leave the practice room, and my finishing sequence had to be well modified as my left leg would not go into lotus at all. Not sure how to deal with it really, other than stopping doing baddha konasana. I did lots of fun research on the internet and found many a website with lovely diagrams of how the sciatic nerve runs next to or sometimes through the pirifomis, and when the piriformis is in spasm or something like that, it squeezes the nerve, resulting in pain. The recommendations seem to be stretching and massage and avoiding whatever made it hurt. Fortunately the most worst discomfort seems to subside after a couple of hours. now, 12 hours on, it doesn’t hurt too much.

Another thing that has been on my mind today is food. Whilst I was on holiday I was really happy with what I ate and when, big lunch of veggie food at about 11.30 (after yoga), large bowl of muesli yogurt and fruit at about 6pm, then perhaps a top up snack in the evening. It kept me feeling full all day and was generally healthy. Since getting back I have a cereal bar and banana after yoga, then seem to keep on being hungry until lunchtime, when I have a yogurt and a sandwich of some type. Then get hungry again in the afternoon and snack and then feel hungry again in the evening when I get home. Surely my calorific intake requirement doesn’t go up that much just because I am thinking all day?!!! I would love to have a big lunch like those in Ibiza, but I can’t prepare them at work, and don’t want to eat them in the evening as I get home too late….

I noticed today that my shoulders seem to be bulking up even more than before – too many vinyasas? My suit jacket wasn’t comfortable today. When I started at the shala I didn’t half vinyasa between sides, now I do; this seems to make a difference.