And I am exhausted, work really started to take it’s toll after lunch… great. But, I had a lovely holiday, plenty of yoga and sunshine and I met lots of great people.

Ibiza yoga is still a great place to hang out, but the villa is getting a bit tired. I stayed in a Gazebo in the garden, which was absolutely fine, probably hotter than the house in the day, when I was on the beach anyway, but much cooler by night.

I never really got to see what the teachers style was. The level varied considerably, with about 70 percent of the students never having practiced before. I ended up leading astanga primary for 3 days to a couple of people who knew what they were doing, whilst our teacher taught the basics to the rest. The 5th day we did a restorative practice, and on the final day we did a basic vinyasa flow class based on the standing postures.

As always, I came home thinking that I really need to change my lifestyle, do something I actually enjoy rather then slog away in the office. Life is short, we need to live it to the full.

My Gazebo