August 2007

It was nice to be back at the shala today; it wasn’t that busy which surprised me considering it has been closed for a few days. My practice was OK, but was having a bit of a shaky day and my muscles didn’t really feel very energised. I have been feeling a bit ropey this afternoon, so hope I am not coming down with something (more severe than a dislike of work!). To mark my attendance at the shala, my nails have little flecks of yellow paint on them, it seems to transfer onto my nail varnish very easily if I brush the wall!

I added Bhuja P and Supta K back into my practice today without any pain issues, so I am pleased that I seem to be well and truly on the mend. I didn’t do any yoga at all whilst the shala was closed, I just went running. Supta K was pretty awful, I’ll work with that for the next few days then consider added Garba P and Baddha K back in too.

Something that has been bothering me since last week is my vegetarianism. I went to a meal last Thursday and the host was pre-warned that I was vegetarian. She prepared a nice meal that nobody seemed to object to. MrH mentioned over the weekend that the host had complained about preparing a vegetarian meal a number of times the following day. Whilst part of me thinks that she is the one with the problem and she should be more grown-up about it, I do feel uncomfortable. I could eat meat for one evening and on the grand scheme of things, nothing would change. As I have discussed a couple of times in this blog before, I was advised by a yoga teacher that you would be better to eat a bit of meat than to hurt your hosts feelings, but how does this relate to a host who has been pre-advised but wants to make a fuss about it anyway? Should I keep quiet and just eat up; would that be a more mature approach from me; is making someone prepare a special meal for me selfish?


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So, for the last few days yoga hasn’t happened. As predicted, I ended up getting home late on Thursday and didn’t get to bed till 1am. I woke up in time for yoga but had already taken my mat from the Shala and left it in the office, so didn’t go. Yesterday I discovered that a friend of MrH used to be an astangi, so we messed around a bit in the park and did some drop backs and handstands which was fun. Today I have spent more time in the park, but not doing yoga.

Due to a colleagues illness/inactivity, I will have to go to work tomorrow to finish of some things that have Monday as a deadline; I will take Tuesday off in lieu, so it’s not so awful, and as the shala is closed until Wednesday I can do that without having to make the trip into town and coming home again. I’ll try and do a little self practice tomorrow morning though.

Oooh, yoga mum is on the wordpress front page today – I bet that does wonders for the stat counters 😉

Practice was fine this morning, another wait, but worth it for what was a good practice. Had to skip out a few SNB as time was short, but I felt quite warm anyway, so it didn’t seem a problem.

Prasarita Padatonasana C
suddenly seems to be getting better, and my hands can be forced to the floor with palms both inward and outward. My back bends are getting better although they are still preceded by a degree of apprehension, they seem to actually involve my back doing some bending, or maybe it’s more shoulder opening;anyway, they feel quite good. Also managed to bind both toes in baddha padmasana for the first time in the morning. Progress indeed 😀

Yesterday’s prom was pretty fab – 5 rounds of applause in the end; I’m pleased to have it out of the way though so I can get some more sleep.

I’m off to a party tonight accompanying the man-friend, so not sure if I will make it to the shala tomorrow :-S. I don’t want to be rushing off too early at my first social engagement with his work people; I guess I’ll play it by ear when I get there. A nice long weekend coming up though, and next week I’m hoping to add the rest of my poses again – fingers and toes and everything else crossed.

I am hoping that after next weeks longweekend/moonday break, I will be ok to go past navasana again. The buttock is feeling quite a bit better this week so I am hoping it is on the mend. I tried Bhuja P at the weekend but it hurt a lot, I am hoping another week of rest will do the trick.

This morning was really busy at the shala, half an hour wait before 7!!! Not so good on a day when I need to leave work early for a rehearsal… oh well, no lunch break for me then.

Yesterday was a hectic day with another 2.5 hour rehearsal for that same 4.5 minutes of music…. gah, talk about losing the will to live. The concert is tomorrow night, then singing is out of the way for a little while. Whilst I love it, it really does make for a long day doing yoga then work then choir and finally getting home about 2 minutes before bedtime.

My blog search history revealed a hit yesterday through the search term “yoga mad” tree smell. Yes, the tree mat does smell rather rubbery, but I quite like that. Better than smelly feet, I say! Which reminds me that my tree mat is still at my old teachers place; I could do with a new mat again too as the one in the shala is shedding quite substantially after only a few months. I guess it’s time to go an collect the tree mat and bring it to AYL.

In yoga news, I am getting bored of my shortened practice, but I am going to speak to an osteo tonight for some advice.

I have just rehearsed 4 minutes of music for TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!!! I joke not. We rehearsed our 4 minutes of Mahler 3 from 6.30 till 9pm. Leaving me to arrive home just 15 minutes before bed time…. yay… Not.. The worst thing is that we have another rehearsal tomorrow night, and one on Monday and one on Tuesday before our prom on Wednesday….. urgghhhh.

I’m still taking it easy in my practice, and I think the pain is easing…. unfortunately, stopping at Navasana makes for a short practice, and I really didn’t want to stop doing yoga there today, but you can’t really start ad libbing at a Mysore class.

Right, bed, then start all over again… groundhog day….

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