So, today H gave me baddha konasana. Well, in fact he offered it, saw the expression on my face and said ‘do baddha konasana’. Concerns flashed through my mind remembering the considerable pain I had when I was last doing BK. So, I proceeded into the forward bend, 1….2….3.. this is going to be ok… 4…PING….5 oh damn it. Slowly released out, but no excruciating pain, well, good. On to backbends and closing sequence. From Matsyasana I uncrossed my legs to extend out for uttana padasana, and BAM, massive pain in left buttock. So, now my left buttock feels like someone is driving a hot stake into it, the day before I go on my yoga retreat. GREAT.

Hopefully BK will not be included in next week’s retreat, and even if it is, I don’t think I shall be doing it. Hopefully a week of relaxation and plenty of massage will ease it up again.

If anyone has any tips on how to protect yourself from this happening in BK, I would greatly appreciate them.