I am officially addicted. This morning I got up at 5.30 to ensure both a comfortable yoga fix and my arrival in the office on time. Despite getting up 25 mins earlier, I only arrived at the shala 10 minutes earlier than usual – the transport seems to be a bit ropey leaving at 6. When I arrived, H joked with me that if I would like to wait a couple more minutes then there would be a queue for me to sit in.

My practice was nice, despite my earlier start. For the first time today H cranked me into a proper Supta K, instructing me to KEEP BREATHING and then offered me Gaba Pindasana tomorrow. Official progress. Hopefully next weeks yoga retreat will be reasonably ashtanga based as I don’t want to loose my Supta K again! Backbends were really good too, which doesn’t usually happen after a good Supta K. I must be energised after my ladies holiday! I will probably be as stiff as a board tomorrow.